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Alexei Gennadievich Dyumin, interim governor of the Tula region, pays a visit to Volovo Broiler production site

On April 15, 2016 Alexei Gennadievich Dyumin, interim governor of the Tula region payed a visit to Volovo Broiler production site. As usual, he was very punctual and arrived on time, at midday.


The head of Volovo Broiler, Batyr Utkirovich Nurullaev, the Agriculture minister of the Tula region, Dmitry Vyacheslavovich Milyaev, the head of Volovo administration, Sergey Yurievich Pishiy welcomed the governor cheerfully. After a short meeting at the entrance in Module 3, where the parent stock coops are situated, the guests accompanied by the head of Volovo Broiler met the staff of the farm.


Twenty people were impatient to ask the interim governor some questions. Alexei Gennadievich Dyumin set aside quite a lot of time for this meeting (it lasted for almost 40 minutes). The staff inquired about the accommodation, transport, students and young families support programs, healthcare and grants for education.


Employment was of the particular interest of the young workers.

“The local population of Volovo locality must represent most of the workforce. Also, the local administration must start preparing professionals for them to work for the enterprise”, said Dyumin, interim governor.


Then Batyr Nurullaev, Volovo Broiler CEO, introduced the development roadmap of the projects by Volovo Broiler: Volovo compound feed mill and Biogas unit. Alexei Gennadievich Dyumin affirmed that the government of the Tula region is ready for cooperation and eager to give preferences:

“We’re always open to the dialogue with entrepreneurs who meet their obligations to the local population”.


After the meeting with the staff eminent guests accompanied by our management visited Module 3 with parent stock facilities to see the process in coops with their own eyes. Poultry operation manager, Dmitry Vasilievich Bodnarchuk, met them in the Module to show the modern broiler breeding process at our farm.

During his visit, interim governor Dyumin estimated our production as ‘decent’ multiple times, adding that the administration is ready to help meet all the challenges that a ‘decent’ producer might face.