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The hatching floor has been launched !

On July, 1 we witnessed a very important event for all of us: the hatching floor was launched. It means that the production of our farm will soon appear in the retail chains of Tula and the Tula region.


The first working day saw 57 946 eggs set in the setter. The following day saw another portion of 54 092 eggs set. So, first poults will pip on July, 22-23, there will be about 45 000 poults a day. In less than a month our farm will host 90 000 poults.

It is a considerable number and poses a great responsibility to our staff. Success can be achieved only by working in full force and effect, maintaining comfortable conditions for every poult and controlling constantly the incubation process.

The staff of our farm assumes this responsibility. Cutting-edge technological process, experienced and shrewd professionals, maintenance of the conditions favorable for the birth and growth of healthy poults help achieve our goal which is breeding healthy poultry.