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Worldskills in Tula - we are among the best!

On September 5th, in Tula started the “Young professionals” (Worldskills Russia) local championship of the Tula region (its venue is Tula Construction and Economic Technologies College State Professional Educational Institution of Tula Region # 2). The participants of the championship were young specialists and graduators from the best local schools as well as specialists of agricultural companies.IMG 2016 09 09 160944

So, one of the participants was Bogoroditsk Agricultural College named after I.A. Stebut. It was represented by its alumni and seniors who were studying Veterinary to become a veterinary assistant in the future (specialists of the fields such as organization and provision of animal keeping, feeding and breeding, as well as livestock product manufacture, recycling and distribution). At the championship, the honor of the “Volovsky broiler” factory was vindicated by our co-worker, Alyona Sergeevna Kotenyova.

While competing under the supervision of experts and members of the hanging committee, daily, the participants did a variety of tasks from different animal agriculture fields. For example, they had to define if the meat was contaminated and if it could be delivered to be sold in stores by applying a specialized tool called “trihinelloscope”. Scores were used to assess the quality of the tasks done. All the scores were summarized, and those as leaders in scores go the next, Interregional, stage of the championship.

Such events are especially fruitful for 7th to 11th graders and school leavers. Any student can go to the championship and have an opportunity to get familiar with the peculiarities of the animal agriculture, submerge into working environment and afterwards make a conscious choice of his or her future career.