Our projects

Chicken farm “SVOYA”

Nowadays it is hardly imaginable that farm products can retain their ecological and customer friendliness in progressive technological industrial production. However, it is the core concept of “Volovo broiler” in producing chilled chicken meat under a new trademark “SVOYA”.

Tulskij Torgovyj Dom

This project was created to ensure that each of our client was sure of the authenticity of the product and its quality guaranteed by manufacturer "Volovsky broiler". Our products can be found not only in stores "OWN", but also in many shops and chain stores in Tula and neighboring regions. Tulskij Torgovyj Dom project which helps us to accurately and efficiently meet the needs of our customers.

Biogas unit constructon project by “Volovo broiler”

Designed launch date: second quarter of 2017
Biogas unit project implies producing 62.7 MW of electric power per hour and 57.6 MW of thermal power per hour by conversing 305 T of wastes of “Volovo broiler” poultry complex per hour and producing 161 T of biofertilizer (biohumus) per hour.

Volovo compound feed mill

Designed launch date: first quarter of 2017
The project capacity as follows: producing 20 T of compound feed per hour at the first stage, raising the capacity to 40 T per hour on completing the second stage.
This project is designed to ensure continuous supply of high-quality compound feed to the poultry.