Today Volovo Broiler LLC is the biggest poultry project in the Tula region. Poultry unit is constructed on the farmland in Volovo locality in the Tula region.

The project is sponsored by the government of the Tula region due to the social and economic importance of the project for the region as it implies creating 940 working places, constructing a apartment complex, introducing hi-tech production.

We guarantee comfortable labor conditions and confidence in the future!
Working for Volovo Broiler LLC, you get satisfaction from completing federal large-scale projects of a big social importance for a great part of the population of our country.

Contact us for further information:

+ 7 (960) 610-62-84 Olga Mikhailovna Saunova, HR officer
+ 7 (905) 111-72-22 Svetlana Petrovna Petrova, head of HR


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