About “Volovo Broiler”

"The company "Volovsky Broiler" built an ultramodern production complex in one of the most environmentally friendly regions of Central Russia near the village of Volovo in the Tula region.

The factory can be proud of its own farmland and fodder supply. The farm uses the most advanced technologies, world-class equipment and total quality control and product purity. Leading experts of the company are truly devoted to their work.
Poultry farm "Volovsky Broiler" is the first factory in Russia with a new unique format of production, combining the advantages of farming and industrial approaches to the production of chicken products.
Poultry complex consists of 75 separately standing poultry houses, hatchery, slaughterhouse, shops for deep processing and production of meat and bone meal, refrigerating plants, own treatment facilities, water wells.
Daily indicators of the factory for today - 140 tons of finished products. "


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Company management

Гуляев Павел Алексанрович

Guljaev Pavel Aleksandrovich

Director of finance department
Кузнецов Константин Александрович

Kuznecov Konstantin Aleksandrovich

Director of corporate security department
Боднарчук Дмитрий Васильевич

Bodnarchuk Dmitrij Vasil'evich

Poultry production manager
Беляев Роман Николаевич

Beljaev Roman Nikolaevich

Slaughter and conversion manager
Савинцева Алла Васильевна

Savinceva Alla Vasil'evna

Hatching house director