About “Volovo Broiler”

Volovo Broiler LLC is a new, big, modern chicken-meat production project.

Our project includes the whole process of poultry operation. Its uniqueness can be attributed to the ensemble of the following competitive differentiators:

  • The project scale – closed cycle poultry unit consisting of 75 separate broiler coops with the joint capacity of 51 000 T of products per year, 42 of which are designed for broilers, 24 for parent flock, 9 for replacement chicks. Our unit also includes slaughterhouse, tankage production floor, deep conversion floor, hatching house, refrigerating house, purification facility, water wells.
  • Fully automated technological process of feeding, vaccination, maintaining comfortable and sanitary microclimate conditions in the coops. It helps reduce anthropologic risks.
  • High level of anti-epidemic and pandemic security due to creating sanitary zones (the distance between the farms is 0,3-1km), which reduces considerably business risks. Such a remoteness of the coops from each other help exclude mass proliferation of various chicken diseases, which is characteristic of traditional broiler meat production.

Our project aims at meeting growing demand of the population for the chicken meat as well as providing high quality, healthy and tasty product.



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Company management

Гуляев Павел Алексанрович

Guljaev Pavel Aleksandrovich

Director of finance department
Кузнецов Константин Александрович

Kuznecov Konstantin Aleksandrovich

Director of corporate security department
Боднарчук Дмитрий Васильевич

Bodnarchuk Dmitrij Vasil'evich

Poultry production manager
Беляев Роман Николаевич

Beljaev Roman Nikolaevich

Slaughter and conversion manager
Савинцева Алла Васильевна

Savinceva Alla Vasil'evna

Hatching house director